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A Walk Through Post-Apocalyptic Utopia: The Wandering Village Review

title image for the wandering village featuring the creature Onbu with a village on its back
Image: Stray Fawn Studios

Hello, fellow pioneers of the gaming frontier! Today, we're strapping on our survival gear and preparing for a journey into the heart of the post-apocalyptic world of The Wandering Village. This city-building simulation game, set on the back of a giant wandering creature called 'Onbu', has piqued my curiosity since its announcement and now that its in early-access I decided to give it a go. So, let's dive in and see if this wanderer's journey is worth joining.


Narrative and Setting (7.5/10)

Set in a world ravaged by toxic spores, the survivors find a safe haven on the back of a colossal, wandering creature. While the game doesn’t feature a traditional narrative per se, the survival of your colony, its growth, and the constant adaptation to the creature's migrations provides a unique storyline of its own.

The setting is innovative and intriguing. The game's post-apocalyptic world is beautifully imagined and provides a stunning backdrop for your ever-moving village.


Gameplay and Mechanics (8/10)

As a city-building simulation, The Wandering Village offers a unique twist - your city is never stationary. The game is a constant balancing act of resource management, city planning, and adjusting to the changing environment as the creature roams across different terrains.

These terrain changes impact the resources available and the hazards your village faces, making for a dynamic gameplay experience. Moreover, the symbiotic relationship between your village and the creature adds another layer to the gameplay. The creature reacts to the choices you make, adding an environmental aspect to your decision-making process.

However, the game can feel a little unforgiving at times, especially when dealing with sudden environmental shifts. A lack of tutorial or guidance system can leave some players feeling lost.

The Wandering Village offers good replayability owing to its dynamic environment system and the different strategies players can adopt to grow their village. That said, the game would benefit from more variety in terms of building types and development paths. although being in early access there is likely way more to come.


Visuals and Audio (8/10)

Visually, The Wandering Village is stunning. The beautifully designed environments, the detail in the city structures, and the animations of the wandering creature all contribute to a truly unique aesthetic that blends well with the game's premise.

The audio enhances the atmosphere of the game. The ambient soundtrack suits the setting perfectly and adds a calming, almost meditative quality to the experience.



In summary, The Wandering Village offers a unique take on the city-building simulation genre, with its moving landscape and symbiotic gameplay. The stunning visuals, atmospheric audio, and dynamic gameplay make for an immersive experience despite a few rough edges. For players seeking a city builder that's off the beaten path, The Wandering Village may just be the ticket. I'm excited to see how it develops during this early access launch.

Overall Score: 7.8/10


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