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About GameReport

photo of group of gamers in a competitive scene

Hello fellow gamers! I'm Nathan, the one-man army behind this unique corner of the gaming universe. My journey into creating this video game review website began with a simple yet powerful realization: the gaming industry, while incredibly innovative and entertaining, has increasingly become obsessed with profit, often at the expense of genuine creativity and player experience. 


As a lifelong gamer and an ardent admirer of the art and technology behind video games, I've often felt disenchanted by the way mainstream review platforms seem to echo the loud voices of big studios and publishers. This echo often drowns out the essence of what gaming is all about - fun, challenge, storytelling, and community.


So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and use my skills writing helpful articles at MyVoucherCodes and apply it to gaming. My vision? To build an unbiased, honest, and player-centric game review website. Here, you won’t find reviews swayed by industry giants or clouded by advertising dollars. Instead, what you'll encounter are straightforward, in-depth analyses of games - from AAA titles to indie gems. I dive into each game with an open mind, exploring not just the mechanics and graphics, but also the narratives, the emotional impact, and the overall player experience.

I believe in celebrating creativity in gaming, highlighting the efforts of developers who pour their hearts into creating immersive worlds, and providing a platform where games are judged not by their marketing budget but by their substance.


Join me in this adventure as I navigate the vast and vibrant world of video games. Whether you're a casual player or a hardcore gamer, I hope my reviews help you find your next great gaming experience, untainted by the industry's hustle for profit. Let's rediscover the joy of gaming together!

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