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A Journey of Beauty and Heartbreak? - Planet of Lana Review

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

the main character Lana standing in a field looking up at a rock perch with a robot on top

Image: Wishfully Studios

Hello there, fellow gamers! Buckle up as we embark on a journey through the hand-painted, serene yet haunting world of Planet of Lana. I was eager to set foot in this game’s unique atmosphere. But does it deliver an experience as profound as its visuals? Let's delve into this Planet of Lana Review.


Gameplay (8.5/10)

Planet of Lana is primarily a side-scrolling puzzle-adventure game, and it’s quite an adventure indeed. The puzzles are designed thoughtfully, and they strike a good balance between challenge and accessibility. The game also incorporates a fair share of platforming elements, which are generally well-executed.

The game mechanics are smooth and intuitive, which allows the player to easily immerse themselves in Lana's world. The interaction between Lana and her pet, Mui, adds an extra layer of depth to the gameplay. There are moments of pure joy and moments of fear and tension, all interwoven seamlessly.


Graphics and Sound (9/10)

Where Planet of Lana really shines is in its visual and audio presentation. The game is simply a visual masterpiece. The hand-painted backgrounds are breathtaking and the attention to detail in each frame is commendable. The game presents a delightful contrast of serene landscapes and dark, dystopian sci-fi elements.

The sound design matches the visual brilliance. The ambient sounds of nature, coupled with a beautifully melancholic soundtrack, create a truly immersive experience that complements the narrative.


Story and Characters (8/10)

Planet of Lana tells a heart-rending story without relying heavily on dialogue. The narrative unfolds through environmental storytelling and Lana's interactions with her pet Mui and the world around her.

Lana's character is subtly developed through her actions and reactions, making her a compelling protagonist. However, the absence of direct dialogue can sometimes make the narrative feel a bit vague. It's a minor gripe in what is otherwise a beautifully woven tale.

Planet of Lana is a sublime piece of art that offers a memorable gaming experience. It merges splendid visuals, excellent sound design, and engaging gameplay to create a world that's as compelling as it is haunting. Its story may be minimalistic, but its emotional impact is palpable. While it may not appeal to those seeking action-heavy gameplay, those looking for a thoughtful, atmospheric adventure will find much to appreciate.

Overall Score: 8.5/10


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