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A Myst-erious New World? - Firmament Review

photo showing the Firmament logo

Image: Cyan Worlds

Hey, fellow gamers! Today we're going on an adventure into the surreal world of Firmament, the latest adventure-puzzle game from Cyan Worlds. As a longtime admirer of Cyan's Myst and Riven, my anticipation for this title was sky-high. So, without further ado, let's venture into this enigmatic world and see if it's a journey worth taking in this Firmament review.

Gameplay (8/10) Firmament adheres to the classic Cyan formula - it's an adventure game brimming with complex puzzles, immersive exploration, and a unique narrative. The puzzles are intelligently designed and often multi-layered, requiring a lot of patience and note-taking. The new mechanic of a helper robot adds a refreshing twist, aiding you in your puzzle-solving endeavors and sometimes providing a hint or two.

However, some puzzles may feel overly obtuse, crossing the line from challenging to frustrating. The game could also benefit from more intuitive controls, as they can be clunky at times, which can hamper the immersion during crucial moments.

Graphics and Sound (9/10) In true Cyan fashion, Firmament is visually stunning. The steampunk-inspired world is meticulously detailed, and each area offers a unique, captivating aesthetic. The use of VR technology enhances the experience, making the world feel tangible and incredibly immersive. The sound design is just as impressive. The atmospheric music, environmental sounds, and the occasional eerie silence all contribute to a truly immersive experience. The voice acting, though sparse, is well-executed and adds depth to the narrative.

Story and Characters (8/10) Firmament's narrative is a slow burn. Much like other Cyan games, the story is gradually revealed through environmental clues, written documents, and cryptic messages. The mystery surrounding your character and the world you're exploring is compelling and encourages exploration. The drawback here is the storytelling method itself. Players who prefer a more straightforward narrative might find the game's show-don't-tell approach a bit frustrating. Additionally, the lack of character interaction, apart from your mechanical companion, might leave some feeling a bit isolated.

Firmament is a solid addition to Cyan Worlds' portfolio, combining engaging puzzles, beautiful visuals, and an enigmatic narrative in a compelling package. While its complexity and storytelling style might not be to everyone's taste, fans of Myst and Riven - or adventure-puzzle games in general - will find a lot to love. However, newcomers to the genre or those who prefer more straightforward narratives and easier puzzles might find it a bit daunting.

Overall Score: 8.5/10


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