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A New Era of Fantasy A Final Fantasy XVI Review

The Final Fantasy sixteen logo

Image: Square Enix

Hey there, fellow adventurers! Today, let's dive into the long-awaited world of Final Fantasy XVI. This is a title that carries the weight of an iconic franchise on its shoulders. But does it meet the expectations set by its illustrious predecessors? Stick around for this Final Fantasy XVI review.


Story and Characters (8/10)

In true Final Fantasy fashion, the narrative of XVI is filled with a richness that fans have come to expect. It crafts a compelling tale of magic, politics, and personal growth. The plot holds its own against some of the franchise's most beloved entries, with twists and turns that will keep players engaged throughout their journey.

The game's cast of characters is a standout feature, each member contributing a distinctive personality to the mix. The main protagonist is multi-dimensional, and their growth over the course of the game feels genuine and rewarding.


Gameplay (8/10)

Final Fantasy XVI is a return to the series' roots in many ways, incorporating elements of classic turn-based combat with the high-action battle mechanics seen in recent entries. This blend of old and new creates a satisfying gameplay loop that will appeal to both veterans and newcomers.

That being said, the game does suffer slightly from repetitive combat sequences, which can feel grindy. However, the game often breaks up these moments with engaging dialogue and plot developments, keeping the overall experience fresh.


Graphics and Art Direction (8/10)

Final Fantasy XVI continues the series' tradition of gorgeous visual design. The graphics are top-notch, featuring detailed environments and stunning character models. The game’s art direction shines in its imaginative creature designs and awe-inspiring locales, reinforcing the sense of grandeur that permeates the Final Fantasy series.


Sound Design and Music (8/10)

Where would Final Fantasy be without its iconic music? Final Fantasy XVI’s score is nothing short of majestic, perfectly accompanying the game's story beats and battle sequences. The sound design is also praiseworthy, with every magic spell and weapon strike carrying a satisfying auditory punch.



Final Fantasy XVI is a strong entry in a series that holds a prestigious place in the RPG genre. It succeeds in blending old and new gameplay elements, presenting a rich narrative, and delivering visually stunning environments and designs. Despite some occasional repetition in combat, the overall experience is rewarding and enjoyable.

For Final Fantasy fans, this game is a must-play. For newcomers, it's a great introduction to the series. Final Fantasy XVI is an epic adventure that beautifully encapsulates what makes the series so beloved.

Overall Score: 8/10


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