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A Zombie Paradise or a Dead End? - Dead Island 2 Review

image of a man in a pool float in a swimming pool filled with zombies

Image: Dambuster Studios

Hey there, fellow gamers! Today, we're going to take a look at Dead Island 2, the long-awaited sequel to the zombie action-RPG developed by Dambuster Studios. As a fan of the original Dead Island I was eager to see how Dead Island 2 would evolve the formula. So, let's discuss my Dead Island 2 review.

Gameplay (7/10) Dead Island 2 continues the series' focus on open-world exploration, crafting, and melee combat, as players find themselves stranded in a zombie-infested version of California. The game introduces new weapons, crafting options, and enemies to the mix, providing a more diverse gameplay experience. However, Dead Island 2 struggles with some of the same issues that plagued its predecessor, such as clunky controls, repetitive mission design, and an occasionally uncooperative AI. While the game can be enjoyable in short bursts, especially when played with friends, these issues can detract from the overall experience and become frustrating over time.

Graphics and Sound (7/10) Dead Island 2 features vibrant and colorful visuals that contrast nicely with the dark, gruesome nature of the zombie-infested world. The game's character models and environments are well-designed, but some graphical glitches and occasional frame rate drops can hinder the immersion. The sound design in Dead Island 2 is solid, with fitting ambient music and satisfying sound effects for both weapons and zombies. However, the game's voice acting can be hit-or-miss, with some characters delivering convincing performances while others fall flat.

Story and Characters (7/10) The narrative in Dead Island 2 is relatively simple, with players tasked with surviving and uncovering the origins of the zombie outbreak. While this straightforward approach allows players to focus on the gameplay, the story lacks the depth and complexity that some players might expect from a modern action-RPG.

Character development is also minimal, with the game's cast of playable characters and NPCs lacking the depth and personality needed to make them memorable. As a result, players may find it hard to become invested in the story or care about the fates of the characters.

Dead Island 2 is a mixed bag, offering a colorful, zombie-infested playground that can be fun to explore and fight through, but it is held back by clunky controls, repetitive mission design, and a lackluster story. For fans of the original game or those looking for some mindless zombie-slaying action, Dead Island 2 might be worth a try. However, for players seeking a more polished and engaging experience, Dead Island 2 may leave them feeling unfulfilled.

Overall Score: 7/10


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