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On the Air with the Unexpected: A Comprehensive Killer Frequency Review

gameplay of a radio station room

Image: Team17

Hey there, game enthusiasts! Gather 'round as we take a deep dive into the captivating universe of Killer Frequency. As a passionate fan of immersive, narrative-rich experiences, I was thrilled to encounter this hidden gem developed by a small, yet wildly innovative, team. So, here's my Killer Frequency review, where we explore every nook and cranny of this radio-drama-turned-game.


Gameplay (8/10)

Killer Frequency is an adventure game at heart, but it shuffles the cards by placing you in the shoes of a late-night radio jockey. The bulk of the game is spent interacting with callers, making split-second decisions that have life or death consequences.

The game mechanics are delightfully simple but deceptively deep. Killer Frequency requires a good deal of listening, quick thinking, and moral judgment. The design of the game facilitates a smooth, easy-to-understand interface, so you can focus on solving the town's mysteries rather than battling against clunky controls. This simplicity serves the game well, keeping the player immersed in the unfolding narrative.


Sound and Visuals (9/10)

Considering the game is all about radio broadcasts, it’s no surprise that Killer Frequency excels in its sound design. The voice acting is superb, bringing the game's characters to life with authentic performances that convey a wide range of emotions. The background music sets the perfect tone, oscillating between eerie and soothing as the story dictates.

Visually, the game adopts a minimalist approach, letting the sound and dialogue carry the narrative. Despite this, the dark, atmospheric aesthetics of your late-night radio booth add to the overall suspense and immerse you in the game's unique setting.


Narrative and Characters (9/10)

Where Killer Frequency truly shines is in its narrative and characters. The game masterfully weaves a web of engrossing stories that you, as the radio host, are tasked to unravel. Each call received tells a tale that contributes to the overall narrative, building tension and intrigue with every interaction.

The protagonist, with his sarcastic charm and wit, instantly draws you in, and the townsfolk, each with their own quirks and personalities, add layers of depth to the game's narrative. The game truly makes you feel a part of this isolated community, building a strong connection between you and the digital lives you're striving to save.



In conclusion, Killer Frequency is an unexpectedly delightful surprise. With its innovative gameplay, stellar sound design, and captivating narrative, it's a game that takes the standard formula of adventure gaming and twists it into a unique experience. Despite being a relatively short game, it packs in so much charm and suspense that you'll find yourself gripped from start to finish.

Whether you're a fan of narrative-driven games or simply looking for a unique gaming experience, Killer Frequency is worth every minute. It's proof that you don't need a AAA budget to create something truly unforgettable. I hope this review encourages you to give this underappreciated gem a shot.

Overall Score: 8.7/10


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