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Soaring High and Digging Deep: An In-Depth Forever Skies Review

a pilot stood on a mechanical pillar looking into the distance where there are broken skyscrapers and an airship rising above the clouds

Image: Far From Home

Hey fellow gamers! Let's venture to the clouds today and talk about a fresh title that's been making some waves - Forever Skies. Developed by the inventive minds at Far From Home, this game beckons us to a post-apocalyptic world where humanity resides in the skies. Is it worth the journey? Let's find out in this Forever Skies review.


Gameplay (8/10)

Forever Skies presents us with a unique blend of survival, exploration, and base building mechanics. You'll find yourself traversing the world on your airship, managing resources, and expanding your base high up in the clouds.

The survival elements are challenging yet fair. You must gather resources from the ground, being careful of radiation and other dangers, while keeping an eye on your food, water, and energy levels. This constant balancing act makes the gameplay feel dynamic and engaging. However, it can occasionally be daunting, especially for gamers who aren't used to survival mechanics.

Base-building in Forever Skies is an absolute treat. The freedom to design and construct your own airborne homestead is empowering, and the variety of modules and upgrades keeps things interesting.


Story and Characters (7/10)

The story in Forever Skies has a melancholic beauty. It tells of a world ravaged by an ecological disaster, where humanity now lives above the clouds. You're a salvager, one of the brave souls who descend to the surface to collect resources. The narrative is engaging but doesn't overshadow the gameplay.

Character interaction is somewhat limited, with no real NPCs to talk to. Instead, the emphasis is on the lone journey of the player. While this isolation enhances the game's atmospheric feeling, a touch more character interaction could've added some additional flavor.


Visuals and Sound (8/10)

Visually, Forever Skies is a stunner. The contrast between the serene, bright skies and the bleak, devastated surface creates an impressive dichotomy. The designs of the airships and sky bases are detailed and appealing, adding to the game's distinct aesthetic.

The game's soundscape matches its visuals, with soothing music that enhances the feeling of tranquility in the skies, and ominous sounds when you descend to the surface. The audio-visual combo creates an immersive atmosphere that's hard to pull away from.



All in all, Forever Skies presents a unique spin on the survival and base-building genres, backed by an atmospheric world and an intriguing narrative. While it may present a steep learning curve for some, the reward of constructing your sky-base and the sheer joy of exploring the world make it worth the initial challenge.

The game's story, while engaging, could benefit from a bit more character interaction. Yet, the isolation could be seen as part of the game's charm, emphasizing the loneliness of a salvager's life in this post-apocalyptic world.

With beautiful visuals, an enchanting soundscape, and engaging gameplay mechanics, Forever Skies offers an immersive gaming experience that fans of survival and base-building genres should definitely check out.

Overall Score: 7.5/10


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